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Name of Professor Hideo Hosono
E-mail Address hosono
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About Laboratory
Members Professors: Hideo Hosono
Associate Professor: Toshio Kamiya
Research Associates: Satoru Matsuishi
Others: Doctor researchers and students
Current Research Areas
  • Oxide semiconductor
  • Nanostructured oxide crystal
  • Catalysis
  • Structure analysis by pulsed EPR
  • Devices: Thin film transistor, Light-emitting diode, Electron emitter
Recent Major Publications
  1. Kawazoe, H.; Yasukawa, M.; Yanagi, H.; Hosono, H., P-type electrical conduction in transparent thin films of CuAlO2, Nature, 389, 939-942 (1997).
  2. Nomura, K.; Ohta, H.; Ueda, K.; Kamiya, T.; Hirano, M.; Hosono, H., Thin-film transistor fabricated in single-crystalline transparent oxide semiconductor, Science 300, 1269-1272 (2003).
  3. Hayashi, K.; Matsuishi, S.; Kamiya, T.; Hirano, M.; Hosono, H., Light-induced conversion of an insulating refractory oxide into a persistent electronic conductor, Nature 419, 462-465 (2002).
  4. Matsuishi, S.; Toda, Y.; Miyakawa, M.; Hayashi, K.; Kamiya, K.; Hirano, M.; Tanaka, I.; Hosono, H., High-density electron anions in a nano-porous single crystal: [Ca24Al28O64]4+(4e-), Science 301, 626-629 (2003).
  5. Nomura, K.; Ohta, H.; Takagi, A.; Kamiya, T.; Hirano, M.; Hosono, H., Room-Temperature Fabrication of Transparent Flexible Thin Film Transistors Using Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors, Nature 432, 488 (2004).
  6. Yoichi Kamihara, Takumi Watanabe, Masahiro Hirano, and Hideo Hosono: Iron-Based Layered Superconductor La[O1-xFx]FeAs (x = 0.05-0.12) with Tc ~ 26 K; J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130, 3296 (2008).
  7. Hiroki Takahashi, Kazumi Igawa, Kazunobu Arii, Yoichi Kamihara, Masahiro Hirano, Hideo Hosono: Superconductivity at 43 K in an iron-based layered compound LaO1-xFxFeAs; Nature, 453, 376, (2008).
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